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Previous customer feedback

Since the launch of China Travel Plan, we've sent lots of customers on holidays to China and Tibet who have come back with glowing reports. Here is a snippet of the fantastic feedback that we have received about our trips.  We like to keep this page continuously updated to squeeze in the positive comments as they come our way from returning travellers. 

As a small, ethical company, we really do listen to the feedback of our customers. This means that we regularly update and review the accommodation and the activities that we offer in order to give you the best China holiday we possibly can.


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General Comments

For our first experience on a non-escorted tour we thoroughly enjoyed having freedom to explore the areas complemented by the guides expertise in certain instances. The hotels were all brilliant and all our transfers went smoothly. We liked the fact that we could pick individual modules and that you were able to tailor an itinerary to our needs, giving our holiday a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Stephanie

We loved our accommodation, especially the traditional hotels and inns. They were full of character and always very well appointed. Janine 

China travel reviews - eating out

We normally like to travel independently at our own pace and do not like being herded around with large groups of other tourists. I would normally make my own travel arrangements directly but was not confident to do so in an alien environment like China. Having seen your web site I thought you could help us to create the type of holiday we wanted. We were not disappointed. Alan 

China travel reviews - on the Great Wall

First of all I would like to thank you personally and all your colleagues for arranging a most marvellous trip for us which will give us so many memories to cherish and impressions to think over. I cannot believe any other travel organization could have put together such a remarkable programme. Roswitha

Our trip in Yunnan, China was great, we saw so much, stayed in lovely places and were able to both see the tourist sights and get off the beaten track. Theresa 

Really enjoyed our Holiday. Organisation went very smoothly, so we could concentrate on enjoying ourselves and not worry about itinerary. 
Right balance between organisation/guide and independence. Peter

When we book holidays we always avoid the possibility of being treated like cattle. Our main objectives are to experience local sites in a casual and suitable pace so that we take in all aspects...Our recent tour of China was great, it enabled us to visit many sites which scared us due to the amount of walking which was needed, and to have a tour guide and transport to ourselves was wonderful. Barry

The flexibility with the modules makes it exactly the trip you want with plenty of time to explore yourself. Haven't heard of any other plans that give this flexibility with modules and free time. Anna

I liked the flexibility of stringing together modules into a customised itinerary. Especially for us as we had to fit our holiday around a business conference. It also felt that your organisation had good experience in China holidays, and able to provide guidance on the best bits. Heather

I must say that the whole trip was perfectly organised. All that was promised was delivered at the right place and at the right time.. We never had to wait for somebody to come and collect us and all the hotels were great, each one in its own category and style. Yvette

We really relaxed because we didn't have to stress about booking anything or finding our way to the hotel etc. We loved the trek in tiger leaping gorge, also the rice terraces of Ping'an - they were a real highlight. Rosie

China travel reviews - in Tibet
China reviews - tibet monastery

It is difficult to mention any one thing that was the best, but in general it was the feeling of being independent whilst having the back-up of the travel arrangements which would have been very difficult at times because of the language. Cycling around the rice fields in our own time in Dali was certainly a highlight, the Guilin landscape is amazing, and Ping'an and it's people are unique. Catherine

The module system is pure genius and allowed us to see much more. We also loved the concept of assisted independent travel- off the beaten track enough but not too much hard work! Juliet

We always enjoy visiting smaller villages where we have the chance to interact with local people and experience the “real” countryside. Because of this we included the “Passing through Forgotten Villages” module of China Travel Plan and it was, without question, the most stunning part of the trip. The villages are wonderful, the villagers welcoming, and the experience was just magical! Les 

China Travel Reviews of the Local Staff and Service

Very well organised, always on time. The guides were excellent, we even had an English speaking guide one of the days which we weren't expecting! It was varied and really well balanced and thought out. We had plenty of time to rest up before moving onto each place and all the flights were at suitable times. Anna

Overall the itinerary was varied, and each move from one place to the other was well planned, and all taxis and tour guides turned up on time and were brilliantly helpful. Heather

We were absolutely delighted with the logistics support, especially the help with train travel that couldn’t have been better organised. Tickets arrived in a timely manner and the service/class was as we had hoped. The standard of guides/driver were very good where we did use them. Our guide in Chengdu (Li Lian) was excellent! David

China travel reviews - On the ground in China
China travel reviews - Lake Namtso

All the arrangements by local agents worked extremely well; drivers/guides arrived when and where specified, bus tickets were provided as promised. Catherine

Organisation was brilliant. Without exception everyone was helpful. Special mention needs to go to Joey our guide through the leaping tiger gorge who was brilliant - informative, helpful and entertaining. Juliet

We were very impressed with the efficiency of all the transfers. Everyone was on time and reliable. Even when our plane was delayed the person was there to meet us. The itinerary was full but this meant we were able to see more. The free days were welcome. The transport connections worked very well. Janet

Rickshaw Travel Staff

Considering we were only away for eleven days, we packed in a lot and it felt like the amount of time we spent in each destination was well balanced. Good planning from Arida! Janet

Responses to phone calls and emails were prompt. You could not have done more to accommodate our requirements. Your knowledgeable advice helped us to achieve the most memorable trip. A Wharton

Great. You guys were very prompt with your replies. Janine

My trip was arranged with Arida and she was absolutely brilliant. My itinerary changed a number of times (due to me) before it was finalised and she responded to every change helpfully. Lindsay

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