China beaches - Hainan

China Beaches?

Many travellers ask us, 'does China have beaches?' And 'can I spend a few relaxing days at the beach at the end of my China holiday?' Our answer is yes and yes!

Although China is not known for its beaches, it does have 14,500km of coastline, some of which is located in a tropical climate zone. So, there's ample opportunity to spend time relaxing on a tropical beach at the end of your holiday in China. 

Many travel companies don't offer China's beaches in their itineraries. We offer China's beaches on Hainan Island near Canton and Putuoshan near Shanghai.

If you'd like to start building your China holiday, take a look at our bite-sized China trips. Or alternatively, you can choose from one of our ready-made holidays in China.

Hainan Island

You'll find the most beautiful China beaches here: white powdery sand, palm trees, tropical climate, diving and other water sports are available. 

The area has a resort feel, and is not as traditional as our other destinations. It does however have a long coastline, along with clear blue skies and warm water, so a good spot if you want to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Take a look at our Hainan holiday for more information.

China beaches - Hainan Island

China beaches - Putuoshan Island

Putuoshan Island

You can take the ferry from Shanghai to Putuoshan Island, where you can spend several relaxing days in an area with ancient temples, pagodas and deserted China beaches.  

Although Putuoshan isn't a tropical island, it is a great place to get a tan on the broad, brown sandy beaches. As the Chinese generally don't partake in sunbathing and there are few foreigners here, the island is very peaceful. It's a great place to go for walks through ancient villages, visit temples and meet the friendly locals playing a game of Mah-jong on the street. 

Click here if you'd like to find out more about this trip to the beach in China.

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