When to Travel to Tibet - cold weather

When to Travel to Tibet

Tibet's seasons pretty much run in parallel with Europe's seasons. Low temperatures dominate in January, and in July you can shed a few layers of clothing as temperatures rise. That being said, Tibet is also a country of extremes. It has a moderate climate with dry winters and hot summers. However, because of the differences in elevation and landscape, climate in Tibet is different for each part of the country.

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When to travel to Tibet - Himalayan Climate

The mountains and valleys off the Himalayan foothills have a moderate climate. Warm summers make way for cold winters. The average temperature in this area varies between approximately 5 degrees Celsius in January to about 25 degrees Celsius in July. During the winter nights can get very cold and the temperature usually drops to below freezing. The average daytime temperature in Lhasa from April through September is about 25 degrees. The average night-time temperature in the summer is about 10 degrees Celsius.

The Himalaya Range
The mountain area in the Himalayas above 4000m is known for having a highland climate. Temperatures are consistently below freezing and the landscape is covered with snow and ice.

When to Travel to Tibet - all wrapped up

When to Travel to Tibet - friendly locals

When to travel to Tibet - Best Time to Travel

The best time to travel is from April to October. These months are relatively dry and have the bluest clear skies. The summer months are generally very warm and the sun shines brightly in the sky. From time to time a small rain shower may pass over, but these are doable in Tibet. 

Tibetan winters are sunny and dry, but also extremely cold. That's why we don't recommend travelling to Tibet on a Tibet trip during the winter months. Chances are that the roads will be covered with snow and there's also a significant chance that mountain passes will be shut down.

When to Travel to Tibet - What to Pack

Since temperatures in Tibet tend to vary, it's best to be prepared for all kinds of weather for your Tibet trip. When travelling to Tibet in the summer, be sure to bring along thin cotton clothing. We recommend bringing along some clothes with long sleeves and a pair of full-length trousers. This will help to protect you from the sun's bright rays and it will also allow you to enter the many temples and palaces in appropriate dress. 

As mentioned above, it can get quite cold during the winter months, but it can also get quite cold on high mountain passes and other cool areas. Be prepared by bringing along some warm clothes. A thick sweater and a warm pair of trousers are a necessity in chilly temps. You may also want to bring along a fleece sweater and/ or wind jammer, gloves and a cap. Don't forget your sunglasses, despite cool temperatures... there's generally always a very bright sun in the sky shining down on you. 

Proper, sturdy walking shoes are also a necessity when travelling in Tibet on a Tibet trip. Not only because they're nice and warm, but because many of the paths are difficult to walk upon.

When to Travel to Tibet - shoes

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