Easy Going Shanghai: Back to the Future

Route: Shanghai

When travelling through a country you've never visited before, your expectations are often based on what you've seen in films, on TV, or what you've read in books. Shanghai is a bit more complex. Start off with a pinch of Hong Kong then add a dash of Manhattan's towering skyscrapers and top it all off with a bustling Asian atmosphere and you've got Shanghai. 

Shanghai is quite a cosmopolitan cocktail; no other city in the world features starker contrasts between east and west and rich and poor. Just beyond the broad modern avenues, small streets seem to create paths to past centuries. 

If you'd like to start building your China holiday, take a look at our bite-sized China trips. Or alternatively, choose from one of our ready-made holidays in China.

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Duration:               3 days / 2 nights
Price:                    £135 per person - based on 2 people sharing

Accommodation:  In Style - Colonial Themed Hotel - Category 4
                            (see our accommodation page for category details).

Transport:            Transfer from the airport to the hotel

Includes:             Transfer from Hongqiao domestic airport to the                                       hotel, 2 nights in the centre of Shanghai.

Excludes:              Meals and drinks, surcharge for Pudong International

Shanghai trip - on the train

Day 1: Arrival in Shanghai

When you arrive into Shanghai you will be collected at the airport. Which airport you'll be collected from depends on whether you're arriving by domestic or international flight. The international airport is a little further out of town. After you collect your luggage, one of our representatives will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. S/he or will have your name on a sign and your Shanghai trip will begin. If you are arriving into Shanghai by train then that's no problem. We'll just arrange a transfer for you from the train station instead.

You’ll stay in a colonial hotel on this Shanghai trip. The historic atmosphere has been maintained by keeping the wooden floors and the cables that help support the roof. The location is ideal at Suzhou Creek at only a stones throw from the Bund. In the evening simply walk out of the hotel and you’ll be on Shanghai boulevard, the Bund. 

Day 2: Shanghai

On day two of your Shanghai trip you can really explore this city. Walking past the large classic colonial buildings, you’ll get an impression of 18th and 19th century China. In those days Shanghai traded with the French, Portuguese and Dutch, but trade was bound to very strict rules. 

These days there are few rules and trade is booming. International fashion stores and yuppie bars are found side by side in beautifully renovated buildings, such as the famous Peace hotel. You can find watches here that cost the same as a Chinese mid-size car or you can buy the latest popular cheaper versions for about £3.

Shanghai trip - into the city

Shanghai trip - time for your next adventure

Day 3: Departure from Shanghai

You’ll need at least two days on your Shanghai trip to truly experience this unforgettable city (an extra night stay is always possible). Depending on your travel plans, you’ll either check out and fly back to the UK or continue on to your next Chinese destination. If you take an international flight to or from Shanghai, you’ll depart from Pudong Airport. Transportation from Shanghai to Pudong Airport is quite extraordinary; you can take the fastest train in the world; the German Maglev (a magnetic high-speed miracle racing an amazing 400km per hour). Alternatively you can grab a taxi to take you to the airport. 

Huangpu River Cruise

If you fancy having something organised during your time in Shanghai, we can arrange a tranquil river cruise for you to see Shanghai’s bright lights from the water. An English speaking guide will pick you up at your hotel in Shanghai and walk with you to the pier, this takes about 30 minutes and your guide will be able to tell you all about the architecture you pass along the way. You’ll then wave goodbye to your guide as your boat takes off on an hour-long cruise down the river with views of the illuminated skyline as its backdrop. At the end of the cruise you can either make your own way back to your hotel or walk along the famous boulevard, the Bund and visit one of the many bars. 

A Peek at Your Accommodation (click to enlarge)

  • Shanghai trip - your hotel
  • Shanghai trip -  your room
  • Shanghai trip - hotel interior
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Zen Gardens and Waterways

Putuoshan... The Island that Time Forgot

In contrast to the futuristic cosmopolitan vibe of Shanghai, the Buddhist island of Putuoshan is a tranquil breath of fresh air!  The island is only a two-hour boat ride from Shanghai- an incredibly peaceful location filled with old temples, pagodas and deserted beaches. During this China trip, you can visit the old temples and meet the friendly locals, who would love to play a game of mah-jong with you on the street.

Putuoshan... The Island that Time Forgot

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