Rice Terraces and Zhuang Villages

Route: Yangshuo - Ping'an - Guilin

Most travellers on a China trip visit the karst Mountains in Yangshuo and rightfully so. Less well known, yet just as impressive are some of the highest altitude rice paddies in the world, located only 3 hours away. This trip to China will take you to Ping'an where you'll spend two nights in a village amidst this rice territory. The village does not have any roads and can only be accessed on foot. The 800 inhabitants live in wooden houses on high poles. The women of the village are beautifully decorated with silver jewellery and their hair is so long that they wind it around their heads like turbans. 

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3 days / 2 nights
£148 per person - based on 2 people sharing
Simple - Wooden guest house - category 2
(see accommodation).
Private transfer Yangshuo - Ping'an - Guilin airport
Transport, accommodation and hiking trips with English speaking guide
Meals and drinks, entrance fee Ping'an (approx. 60 Yuan)
Trip in China - village life

Day 1: Yangshuo - Ping'an

Most visitors travelling from Guilin to Yangshuo on a China holiday also come to Ping'an. Yangshuo and Ping'an are approximately three hours apart with the large city of Guilin to the north of the two cities. The scenery changes during the ride, from karst mountains and farmland to rugged hills and rice paddies. Your driver will drop you off at the entrance to Ping'an village. There are no roads inside the village, you can only get there by walking up the paddies for 20 minutes. If you don’t feel like walking or carrying your luggage up, then you can pay someone to take your luggage up for you. This helps the locals out by bringing more money into their community.

If you leave Yangshuo around 9:00, you’ll arrive in Ping'an around lunchtime. You’ll spend two nights in a guest house in the middle of the rice paddies. Some rooms overlook them, others have a view of the village. There’s electricity and warm water available in the morning and evening. The guest house has a large veranda outside where you can enjoy your meals in the open air with spectacular views of the rice paddies and the mountains. Although Ping'an has become increasingly popualr with Chinese tourists over the last few years, it retains it's traditional charm and in no time at all you’ll become accustomed to the Ping'an atmosphere. 

After lunch, you can really begin your China holiday as you explore the village independently. The Ping’an territory is home to the Zhuang minority. Around 5000 years ago they introduced the terraced irrigation system used for rice cultivation today.

Trip in China - rice terraces

Trip in China - Ping'an hike

Day 2: Ping'an - hike with a guide

It's day two of your trip in China and at 9am you’ll take off with your guide on a walk through the world’s largest rice paddies, The Dragon's Back Bone or Long Ji. You’ll climb and descend through marvellous scenic areas, past rivers, through wooded areas and through rice paddies. You’ll pass several villages, most of them nothing more than a few houses built on poles, with friendly, curious inhabitants. 

This trek will take about 5 hours. If the weather is bad or if you don't feel like walking the entire 5 hours, there are also shorter treks available during this trip in China. In the evening, the Zhuang will show you their singing and dancing traditions at your request. Afterwards travellers usually gather on the veranda to sit, talk, drink or play a game until late in the evening.

Day 3: Departure from Ping'an

It's the last day of your trip in China, but before you leave, you’ll get to enjoy the view of mist shrouded mountain tops in the distance. After breakfast on the veranda, the sun will slowly climb into the sky. 

When the time comes for you to leave, you’ll take your luggage to the car park where your transfer will be waiting to take you to Guilin Airport (1.5 hour drive). Your plane may leave very early in the morning; therefore you may need a torch to find your way back to the parking lot, accompanied by one of the hotel staff. 

Trip in China - time to eat

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